Lower Back Pain

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Lower back pain will affect a lot of people at some point in their life time and can be caused due to lifting daily items or an awkward bend. At Richmond osteopathic clinic we help to relieve you of your back pain by correcting the functionalities of your spinal joints or tightness of the surrounding muscles.

What is Lower Back Pain?

Pain in the lower back is usually due to a dysfunction in the lower lumbar spine and can be quite uncomfortable to those affected. This can be a result of the conditions affecting your bony lumbar spine, spinal cord, nerves, muscles of the lower back, and ligaments around the spine and discs.

Treatment of Back Pain:

A general osteopathic treatment usually involves a high velocity applied by the chiropractor. This means that the osteopaths aim to manipulate the spine to treat the altered position of the vertebra.

Spinal treatment and back treatment is performed through a range of techniques including:

Our Osteopathic Treatments For Lower Backs

Osteopathic treatment of lower back pain will include one or more of the following.

  • Counterstrain
  • High velocity low amplitude thrusts
  • Mysofacial Therapy
  • Massage Soft Tissue Mobilisation
  • Muscle Energy

Our Professional Team Of Osteos

All of the Osteopath’s at the Richmond Osteopathic Clinic graduated from Victoria University, undertaking a five year double degree (Bachelor of Science and a Master of Health Science – majoring in Osteoapthy). Their extensive training has resulted in a thorough knowledge base, with emphasis placed upon anatomy, physiology, bio-chemistry and biomechanics; along with the mechanism of injuries sustained to the musculo-skeletal system, and the appropriate treatment and management of these injuries.

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