Zoey Collings, Myotherapist

Myotherapist - Zoey Collings is a myotherpist at Richmond Osteo Clinic in Richmond VIC

Zoey Collings


Zoey has been practicing Myotherapy for over 8 years, working in clinical settings, professional football clubs and amateur sporting clubs.

Zoey is a passionate Myotherapist, who provides a patient-focused approach and enjoys building excellent rapport with her patients. Zoey likes treating a diverse range of people from office workers to athletes, and is experienced in treating a variety of conditions such as neck,shoulder and lower back pain; stress/tension headaches; general muscle soreness, tendinopathies, sporting and overuse injuries.

Zoey employs many different techniques in her Myotherapy treatments including deep tissue massage, dry needling, cupping, myofascial release, trigger point therapy and muscle energy techniques (MET).